Water Damage Photo Gallery

Making Sure It's Clean

Before we loaded this customer's items back into the truck for delivery, our staff made sure their items were in pristine condition after they had been stored in our warehouse for several months after a broken water pipe leaked water all over the kitchen floor. Once everything was delivered back in place, the new kitchen looked fabulous! 

Moving Day

Our SERVPRO of Vacaville staff is moving back all the furniture for one of our clients who's refrigerator leaked all over their floor causing major damage.  We were happy to deliver all their belongings back to them so they can resume living in their new kitchen!

A Soggy Shower Wall

Water can seep behind a tiled wall in a bathroom and leave the drywall behind it wet, which over time can cause a mold problem.  Here we are working to mitigate water damage before the problem becomes even worse.  If you see any sign of water damage, call SERVPRO of Vacaville as soon as possible so we can help lessen the impact to your home or business.

A Great Team

These two machines work together to help dry out areas affected by water.  The small, flat machine is an air mover, which pushes moisture out of materials such as tile, wood and drywall.  The larger machine is a dehumidifier, which sucks moisture out of the air.  Together they make a great team!

These Do The Trick

These little machines don't look big enough to really do anything, but they pack a punch!  They are called air movers and they assist in getting moisture out of affected materials, such as carpets, drywall and wood and then transfer that moisture into the air so that a dehumidifier can eradicate it.  

What Water Can Do

Can you believe how much damage water can do? The refrigerator in this kitchen leaked and caused damage to cabinets, floors, walls and adjoining rooms.  SERVPRO of Vacaville was quick on scene to help the homeowners minimize the damage.