Commercial Photo Gallery

Drying Wet Carpet

These two machines work together to help dry carpet that was soaked at a local business when a roof leaked.  The owner walked into squishy carpet first thing in the morning and called SERVPRO of Vacaville to help extract the water and dry out the carpet. 

Basket Raffle Winner

Brand new Vacaville Chamber of Commerce Member Erin Dwyer, Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships at the Academy of 21st Century Learning was SERVPRO of Vacaville's basket winner at the recent Joint Chamber of Commerce Mixer hosted by Vezer Family's Vineyard. Our marketing team of Nancy Cunningham and Frank Primrose were happy to welcome her to her first event.

Peek A Boo

What's that hiding under the carpet and why is it there?  It's a air blower, of course, and it's drying carpet in an apartment that got wet during a recent rainstorm.  


Sometimes a job requires that we pack up contents from a home or business and transport those belongings to our warehouse.  This process is called a pack-out, and often we are asked to store those contents until the affected area is remediated or returned to its original status.  This is only one of the many services SERVPRO of Vacaville will provide for their clients. 

The Placer Title Company crew

SERVPRO of Vacaville loved participating in the Fiesta Days Golf Tournament this week.  Frank and Nancy from our marketing team visited with Bailey, Deanna and Philicia, part of the awesome staff at The Placer Title Company of Vacaville. 

Fiesta Days Golf Tournament

Shelley Elvis and Nancy Cunningham from SERVPRO of Vacaville enjoyed a day at Paradise Valley Golf Course while sponsoring a hole at the Fiesta Days Golf Tournament.  It was a pleasure meeting Bill from WinnCompanies.