What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Fabulous!  They fixed and remediated my moldy furniture!  Better service and help than I could have hoped for!

Dustin and Kevin were fantastic! Great work.  Thank you!

We called SERVPRO of Vacaville because a water leak in one of our apartment buildings caused mold problems in an adjoining wall.  Thanks guys for taking care of the problem!

I was very pleased with the work SERVPRO of Vacaville did at my house.  We had a mold problem above our door and they took care of everything.  Excellent customer service.

We had a leak behind our refrigerator that got behind our cabinets and caused mold. The SERVPRO team did a wonderful job. They packed our kitchen and moved the boxes to our garage. They arrived on time everyday, dressed professional, and got right to work. Thank you SERVPRO of Vacaville for a job well done.