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Check your Air Conditioner Drains

8/7/2023 (Permalink)

Summer is here, so a working air conditioner is more important than any other time of the year.  But there are more things to think about than just whether or not the unit is pumping out cool air.  It’s also imperative that you make sure that your air conditioner is not causing damage to unseen areas of your home.  In order to ensure this, you should understand a little about how air conditioners work and what to look out for to make sure they are working correctly.

Many air conditioning units are located in the attic of a home and work by taking in warm air, chilling it and pumping out the cooler air.  When you chill the air, condensation is produced, which is just water.  That water needs to be directed out of the attic, and this is done through a condensation drain that drains out of a house at ground level.  You may see water dripping from a drain up against your home when your air conditioner is running.  This is the condensation being drawn away from the air conditioner and means that the drain is working properly.  

Sometimes, however, drains stop working properly because they get plugged so homebuilders have designed a very creative solution for recognizing when this happens.  If you have ever seen water dripping from a drain over a window during the summer when your air conditioner is running, this is an indication that your condensation drain is plugged and water is now be rerouted to the emergency drain.  That drain is purposely routed to dump water over a window so homeowners will notice that there is a problem with the drain of their air conditioning unit.  If not addressed, the excess water can lead to water damage and mold growth, something SERVPRO of Vacaville/Dixon/Fairfield/Davis has a lot of experience eradicating.  Although we would be available to help with all your water and mold remediation needs, we also are happy to offer homeowners help in avoiding damage in the first place. 

So if it’s a hot day and you notice water running down your window, check to see if it is coming from a drain located directly above the window.  If it is, your air conditioning drain is likely plugged and you should get it checked out as soon as possible to avoid water damage to your attic.

If you do experience water, fire or mold damage in your home, call the experts at SERVPRO today.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to your needs.  We are local and Here to Help.  Call us today at 707-724-8977.

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