Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

A Clogged Drainage Pipe Left This Mess in the Tub

A clogged drain pipe between the toilet and bathtub left sewage backed up in this customer's bathtub resulting in what is called a Category 3 incident. Our cre... READ MORE

Seeing What is Right in Front of You

Sometimes the most obvious things right in front of us are the ones we don’t see. If you look at the picture of the vase on the right, you might think it... READ MORE

It's Raining Inside The Garage!

Last time I checked, it’s not supposed to be raining inside the garage. But as you can see from this picture, that’s exactly what it was doing in t... READ MORE

Hard To Tell What Damage Lies Beneath

A beautiful floor can be covering a whole lot of ugly underneath. That's exactly what we found when we pulled up the floor in the customer's home when they exp... READ MORE

Supply Line Break

Unfortunately, when this customer returned from a long weekend, they found an unpleasant surprise waiting for them. A supply line burst in their guest bathroom... READ MORE

We Care For Your Collectables

At SERVPRO of Vacaville, we understand how important your personal items are, and we take great care when it comes to cleaning, moving and returning those items... READ MORE