Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Clean Sink in Woodland

This customer's kitchen was heavily soiled during a fire from a space heater that left debris throughout their home. The kitchen was especially affected, which... READ MORE

Ski Boat Cleaning

When this boat owner took off his boat cover at the beginning of the ski season, he was presented with quite a surprise...a very dirty boat! The boat cover had... READ MORE

We Found Water In Places Where It Shouldn't Be

This might not look like much of a before and after shot, but this light fixture is actually full of water that leaked from a toilet that overflowed from an ups... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall Causes Drywall Damage

While drywall is pretty sturdy, when it is exposed to water for too long it can get damaged along with the insulation. To determine if the structural integrity... READ MORE

SERVPRO makes a Difference

These chemical sponges show the remarkable difference a professional remediation company like SERVPRO of Vacaville makes when it comes to cleaning up after fire... READ MORE

Paradise Fire Cleanup

The fires in Paradise, California devastated the area with destruction, but many of the homes that remained were left with smoke residue and damage inside their... READ MORE